Centurion's Rant

I'm a Roman soldier just doing what I do
And nothing has phased me / I don't even notice your pain
If the King is what you call yourself, then where's your power now
When you're on that cross, can it save you now
As I hammer the nails into His hands, I see the Father's in His eyes
So much pain inside / It's a love I can't describe
Your breaths are labored / You've been on that cross so long.
Finally, the time has come for you to die
But I have to shove the spear in your side
Blood and water rain down / Your death is on my hands
Three days has gone by / Not even death could hold Him
Jesus conquered hell


My sunny days are gone again / Clouds have overtaken me
And I'm feeling the rain again / So don't let me drown
So I'll lift my hands to praise / You are still God in this place
How long will this brokenness take / Come quickly, Lord, and help me
Save me, O my God / These floodwaters near my neck
Deeper and deeper I sink in the mire / I am in deep water
Fill me to overflow / Bring me dry ground
Jesus, be the Light / Light up the darkness
Burning bridges of yesterday leaves me here alone
Father, hear me when I pray / I can't make it one more day
Cultivate the truth in me / Won't you set me free
From the lies that bind me / It consumes me
And I am falling alone again here on my face
Capture me tonight / Take the pain from this fight
And as my lips are burning with words unsaid
Jesus, take me in / take me far away
Dead at the start only to live in the end
This clot of sin is rotting from within
As I build these flames that I can't forget
I don't know how to move
Beyond myself
Jesus, sear my lips

On The Front Lines

Can You comfort me when I call / Is my voice bouncing off the wall
As the weeping prophet my tears still fall
Not unlike my words upon deaf ears
I'm standing on the front lines with Jesus on my right side
I'm not defeated / I will stand tall
And my armor is fitted / And I will not fear
You held my hand / You led me here
You can defeat the enemy
I hear his cunning whispering words / I despise the enemy's call
He tries to slay me with his lies
and I cannot compromise on the Solid Rock I stand

Take Me Away

I'm carried away
Through all these years, when all seems well
I'm marked for the sword / Though my grave awaits me
Escaping darkness / Turning night into day
I'm down on my knees / Though I still remain
Take me Jesus / Take me away
From all my Pain / Take me away
Into the dust I will return
'til I am gone like a fire unfanned
Like a vine that's been stripped away
But before I'm gone and only You remain
Fighting against my mind / A war I can't win
It's deceiving me / And yet it pleases me
Memories that it finds / A weakness I've left behind
Calling to me / How it beckons me